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Professional, reliable, ship chandler serving the Tanzanian ports
Locations We Serve

Dar es salaam Port

Tanga Port

Zanzibar Port 

Mtwara Port

Kigoma Port 

Mwanza Port 

Kyela Port

Mafia Port

Kilwa Port

Available 365 Days
Over 20 years Experience

First IMPA and ISSA Certified Chandler

in Tanzania 


"Very Good service, would recommend to anyone"

French Navy, Pm Dehage

"Very Good Service, very friendly staff and very prompt"

    Globetrotter Vessel, Paul Cook

"Very supporting and helpful supplied as expected , keep it up"

MSC Maria Laura, Captain Alam Khan

Satisfactory/Future supply, recommendation"

ECO Consair, Roemel Pagtaghan

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