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DSM Ship Chandelling specializes in the procurement and supply of a wide range of provisions. Whatever your needs, our experienced staff is here to assist you.

DCSC is situated right opposite Gate 3 from the Dar Port allowing for quick sufficient logistical service for all your General Ship requirements, collection and dispatching  24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and every day of the year.


DCSC offers you a variety of food.

Fresh fruit, vegetables, meat, seafood, groceries, frozen and dry goods etc.  Without compromising on quality and parallel to your expectation at affordable prices.

All goods are of excellent quality and are checked, then neatly packaged and stored in a hygienic condition and placed into our dry store area, freezers or chillers before delivery to vessels.

Fresh fruits and  vegetables are checked, sorted, washed with our filtered fresh water and packaged neatly in our recyclable cardboard boxes, and weighed to ensure the best quality.

​All goods are carefully loaded into our closed, insulated body trucks and transported to the delivery point.


DCSC has warehouse space that allows storage of various products. You can order and send your consignment to us and have it delivered to your vessel when it arrives at the Dar es salaam port, or anywhere in Tanzania/Zanzibar. 

Deck & Engine

DCSC supplies all kinds of products from the ISSA, IMPA stores catalogue but is not limited to it. 

Spare parts for main and auxiliary engines, marine paint, painting materials, lubrication oil, chemicals, bolts, nuts, screws shackles 

Cleaning materials, rags, tools, derusting machines, drain pumps, hoses, packing materials, stationary etc.

 Packing materials, piping materials, steel profiles, carpenter stores, grease, oils etc

  Chemicals and maintenance products, ship spare parts, wire & synthetic rope

Welding and maintenance work​, general repairs, emergency repairs.  

Cabin & Galley

DCSC supplies everything for cooking, cleaning, washing etc, to towels, articles for personal hygiene tableware, bed linnen. To computers, communication equipment, photocopy machines and consumables, radio spare parts

Safety Supply & Services

Supply of safety and life-saving equipment, which includes, lifeboats, rafts, fire fighting equipment, safety equipment and Anti-Piracy equipment

We offer professional advice and many other extra services. Don't hesitate to contact us for any inquiry.

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